I still remember the conversation like it was yesterday…. my ex husband told me that he couldn’t be the man I wanted him to be.  I  remember telling him that all I ever wanted was for him to reveal himself to me.. for me to KNOW him. . . something he could not and would not do.

You see, for me, when I care for someone, knowing them is enough.  I’ve never been one to want to know someone to determine what they could do for me , provide for me, or because I wanted to change them.  For me, the gift is when that person allows me to know him… allows me into the hidden world of hopes and fears… a world of dreams yet unrealized.  A world of thoughts yet to be expressed and emotions hidden.  A place of hidden idiosyncrasies.

This journey is one best taken together by two like minded souls seeking only to know the other . The trip may be difficult and the road may be rocky.  It will demand  an openness with ourselves and each other that takes us out of our comfort zone.  It requires a deep trust that neither will exploit each other’s vulnerabilities.    But, in the end, this is a journey worth taking.  A journey of revelation, love, and acceptance.


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