We have forgotten who we are… that is the voice I heard as I struggled to grapple with all the suffering, despair, and carnage that littered  the news this summer.  That was my aha moment.  My moment of clarity.  We have lost our connection to the Divine and, in losing that connection, we have lost our humanity.   We have given fear a front row seat in our life and drowned out the murmurings of love that emanate from our soul.    We have forgotten that we are first and foremost spiritual beings, intrinsically connected to each other,  having a human experience.  We have wallowed in fear and fueled the voices of hatred.

What else could explain it?  Instead of loving fearlessly, we live fearfully.  We rationalize the bombardment of innocent civilians and the killing of people who believe differently than us as if they are not a part of us.

But they are… and your soul knows it.  The soul does not rationalize…that is a product of a mind whose thoughts have gone precariously off track.  The soul  illuminates. It is our window to a better understanding of who who are and why we are here.   It leads us to one inexplicable conclusion. . .  that we all are intrinsically connected.   The soul reminds us that what we do to others, we do to ourselves.   The soul calls us to love fearlessly .  Let us heed the call of our soul.