Today, I was on my way to my last appointment of the day and got struck behind a number of school buses dropping off children in the South End.  Instead of cursing my bad luck, I decided to enjoy the scene of exuberant young children happy to be home.  I watched these inner city children, many who live in abject poverty,  and couldn’t help but smile at their laughter, playfulness, and exuberance.   I wondered where did that all go?   The childlike innocence, the zest for life despite less than optimum living conditions, the hope in their eyes.

At what point did our life experiences create the tapes in our head which prevent us from enjoying life?  Somewhere along the way, we forgot to have fun.  We talked ourselves out of enjoying the simple moments and listened to the crazy voices in our head instead of doing what makes our soul happy.  We forgot that life isn’t something to “get through” but something to be savored.

We need to stop… stop listening to the negativity that plays nonstop daily in our head.  We have to ask ourselves a simple question – what makes our soul happy.  We need to listen for answers in the silence when those voices are muted.   It is only in that silence that our soul speaks.