We’ve all done it.  Wondered why someone seemed to have it all while we struggled.  Questioned why jerks seem to be rewarded while good God-conscious people bear inequitable burdens.  We’ve been envious, jealous, and downright ornery about the good fortunes of people we deem to be less deserving than ourselves.  In short, we have engaged in the comparison game.  We have forgotten that, with life, there is no comparison.

There is no comparison because life isn’t about what we perceive someone  else has that is lacking in our life.  Life isn’t about accumulation of wealth or material goods.  Our perceptions of  the “good fortunes” of others are really only that – perceptions.  Perceptions that are based merely on outward appearances of accumulation of wealth and material goods .  Perceptions that are based on what others want us to see but mask the inner turmoils that we all carry.

There is no comparison because it is destructive.  Either we become angry or envious because of a perceived inequity or, conversely, compare ourselves to others as a way to prop ourselves up to look down at others.  In the process, we have forgotten that our worth is not to be determined by someone else’s yardstick. We determine our worth.

There is no comparison because this is your journey.  It is your life.  You choose the roads, the means of transportation, and the destination. Let go of the negative emotions which keep you from fully experiencing the wonder that is life. Stop comparing and start living.