It is amazing how the weather matched my mood today… like the day, I was overcast with rain threatening.  The kind of day where you don’t know if you should stay in or go.  Nevertheless, I went… I went because I knew that signs were waiting for me and I needed to find them.  I needed to feel supported.  So  – off i went – to my favorite funky little town – Northampton.

God did not disappoint.  I needed to hear this to silence the chatter in my head.



That’s right.. I am!  It put a little sass in my step and a smile on my face.

But I also needed to hear something to stop me from pulling back after baring my soul.  To keep me with an open heart.


I smiled and thought “I am so at the end of my comfort zone!”


I also needed a reminder to banish the negative thoughts of self-doubt, prior mistakes, and shame for my failings.  God was busy today.



I was reminded of what I offer to my twin soul:



But ever mindful of the moment I am in now…



But knowing that I should not just wait for this to pass…



Cautioning that this experience is new for me…a word of advice



For my twin soul.. an invitation extended


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