It is a human condition.. we want things to be “perfect.”  The “perfect” job… the “perfect” relationship. However, this pursuit of an ideal is often times thinly disguised as an excuse to avoid opportunities placed in front of us.  It isn’t a “good time” or we are feeling so “overburdened” by our circumstances and personal faults that we avoid emotional entanglements, jobs, or simple gestures of friendship.  When we avoid opportunities because we feel our circumstances are less than perfect, what we are really saying is that others will not want our less than perfect selves – that somehow, we are not worthy.  We build walls of excuses to keep people away and then wonder why life lost its enjoyment.  But life is not meant to be a solitary affair.  It is a roller coaster of emotions and experiences.  It is messy, complicated, uplifting,  and even joyous. In that joy, maybe it is as Mark Twain said…  we “must have someone to divide it with” to get the full value.

We need to stop with the excuses because, when it comes right down to it, there is no “perfect” moment… there is only THIS moment.  In THIS moment, let there be no lost opportunities… no excuses.. no rationalizations.. no destructive voices luring us behind our walls. .. no regrets.  In THIS moment, we choose life and, in so doing, life no longer becomes a casualty of the pursuit of an impossible ideal.