Two years before my mom died, I bought my mother a beautiful pair of opal earrings.  I wanted to get her something she would treasure.. something she would never buy for herself.  I wanted to do something for her because of all the quiet things she did for me.  For me, it was no small purchase.. but for her, it meant the world.

I remember joking with her at the time that, being her only daughter, it would eventually come back to me.  I never realized that my time with her would be short.  At the time, my mother was healthy and active.  Pancreatic cancer changed all that.  Two short years later,  I watched her become a shadow of her self and felt utterly powerless to help.  I remember thinking at the time that she was truly the love of my life.   I wished I could take her place but I knew in my heart she would never allow it.  And so, two short months after diagnosis, I held her hand, gave her permission to leave, and watched tearfully as she took her last breath.  The earrings which were meant for her now became mine.  A constant reminder of the love we shared with each other… mother and daughter.

I have been wearing those earrings a lot lately.  Maybe it is because they give me comfort.  Maybe it is my way of being close to her when I need support.  But today, a friend noticed that one earring had fell out somewhere along the way.  In that moment, I lost hope of ever finding it and knew it could never be replaced.  I was saddened and disheartened but I accepted it.  I tried to tell myself it was only a material item but knew in my heart it meant more.

But then, just as I had let it go…. it came  back.  It was found in the elevator of my office building by the same friend who noticed its loss. I immediately saw this as a sign.  A heartwarming reminder  that all that is lost is not gone forever.